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Natural Fruit Corporation

Natural Fruit Corporation, (NFC), in business for more than twenty-two years, is a manufacturer of the highest quality, award winning, fruit first, 100% all natural frozen fruit bars and more recently frozen drink mixes as a NFD affiliate. NFC sells fruit first frozen fruit bars under the trademarked name “Chunks O’Fruti” brand and manufactures private label products for store brands, as well. NFC has been awarded multiple Gold Seal taste test awards for its frozen fruit products by the American Tasting Institute and maintains the highest possible standards in the production of frozen fruit based products. Recently selected "Best Fruit Bar" - Women's Health Magazine and "First Place: Fruit Bars!" by Good Housekeeping Magazine! Click the following highlighted text to see the "YouTube Video" produced by Good Housekeeping Magazine.  

NFC, which holds patents for fruit based product production methods and its’ resultant products has been featured on the Food Network Cable TV Network. NFC produces approximately 50,000,000 frozen fruit bars a year, which are primarily sold in grocery and convenience stores. As NFC has a long history of profitability, corporate customer satisfaction, industry experience, and a scalable manufacturing capacity, it is well positioned to support the NFD drink mix production and distribution to the Foodservice Industry.

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