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Our Fruit First Approach

Strawberry SmoothieThe NFD approach to making the best tasting frozen drink mix begins with the selection of the worlds best premium fruit ingredients. Mangos from India, Strawberries from California, Limes from Mexico, Peaches from Georgia, we source the globe to find the best. “How do we maintain a competitive price?” Volume! Last year we purchased thousands of tons of premium fruit – we buy in bulk volume and keep our costs very competitive.

NFD uses a specifically formulated sugar blend designed to enhance the natural sweetness of the fruits and mitigate aftertaste. We add only 100% natural ingredients: premium fruit first, sweetness, purified water, and natural stabilizers.

After bottling into “green friendly” recyclable bottles, the products undergo an immediate quick freeze (IQF) in a frozen warehouse at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, locking in flavor and nutrients. The products are shipped frozen, directly to regional frozen warehouses or to distributors with frozen warehouses.

Although we own the pasteurization equipment, we have opted to produce the products with the best fruit flavor and thus choose to IQF and not to pasteurize due to the loss of flavor which occurs, in the pasteurization process. After all pasteurization is cooking the fruit at very high temperatures for a short period of time, which is the first step in making jellies, not drink mixes.

The best ingredients, award winning formulations, manufacturing with patented processes, and cold not heat make the best tasting frozen drink mixes. Try us!

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